Tower Bridge (SPECS) Acquittal

justice building

As those who use it frequently may know (particularly if they’ve ever been “done”) the speed limit on Tower Bridge is 20 mph and the system the police use to enforce that limit is the apparently foolproof, SPECS speed detection device. This system is, in some ways, just a glorified but far more expensive Gatso device; at least as far as the secondary evidence part of the Gatso system is concerned – i.e. this is a time over distance = speed, detection device. 

The trial of my client was heard by the City of London Magistrates Court, in Queen Victoria Street, last November and I travelled down from Birmingham to represent him. You may wonder how it was that we managed to achieve an acquittal (36 mph in a 20 mph zone) when the evidence came from the foolproof SPECS system? As I know that prosecutors also read my blog then I will write no more about that aspect of the case, save to say everything done to achieve the Not Guilty verdict was completely transparent. These days we, as defence lawyers, must put our cards on the table face up, but this doesn’t mean that the Prosecution Service will always take the trouble to look at them!

If you have allegedly been caught speeding on Tower Bridge or wherever the SPECS system is used, then why not contact a motoring lawyer before you do anything else; after all, it’s your right to do so!