The Way We Drive Now!


The 2013 survey of 1000 commuters by Alianz Insurance, revealed that many British drivers are are less than cool and collected when facing the stresses of the daily commute.

Many hundreds of thousands of drivers regularly exceed the speed limit; “tailgate” other vehicles and change lanes without looking, according to the findings from the study. More than half (52%) were in too much of a hurry to drive safely, attributing their poor driving performance to fatigue and consequent lack of concentration. The most common bad habits were speeding (30%); Careless driving (14%); travelling too fast for the road conditions (14%); “tailgating” (13%) and failing to look before changing lane (13%). Nearly two thirds of those polled (65%) admitted to poor driving during the previous year.

However, we are not the only ones falling below the required standard. In Australia a survey revealed that 88% of those polled had been the victim of road rage and a quarter (23.4%) had been followed by another driver. Almost 11% of them had been forced off the road by their pursuer and 3% had been physically assaulted.

You may agree with those defensive drivers who never flash, beep their horn or gesticulate; just letting it go after they’ve been “cut up”: words of wisdom perhaps but, apparently, hard for many to follow in the heat of the moment!