The £2.7 Million Traffic Camera!

red traffic light

BBC News ran a TV report concerning the most profitable (for the authorities!) traffic camera in the UK. The camera is at a junction of the Kings Road in West London and is operated by Hammersmith & Fulham Council. Last year this “golden camera” earned the Borough a staggering £2.7 million in fines for drivers allegedly caught jumping red lights; with individual fines up to £130 per offence. 

Due to the nature of the junction and the frustration caused, it seems that drivers often enter the yellow box junction but are then caught as the lights change. As one local shopkeeper, who sees this happening every day, said on camera “they’re easy prey”!

So far only London Councils are allowed to impose such penalties but Councils in other parts of the UK have apparently expressed interest in this lucrative sideline: one wonders what the motivation might be, obviously improving road safety, naturally! You have been warned!