Stop Delaying Justice

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Quite properly the courts have always been keen that speeding ticket and other motoring cases should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Now, however, as a result of an initiative called Stop Delaying Justice, Magistrates’ are becoming increasingly reluctant to grant any form of adjournment. The idea is that cases should be dealt with at the first hearing or, if there is to be a trial, then at that second hearing i.e. by acquittal or guilty verdict and sentence.

You might think, as a defendant facing a trial and likely speeding fine, that if you need an adjournment you have a right to one; but you would be wrong.

This might all sound draconian but actually, when you are well represented, the Stop Delaying Justice initiative can work in your favour. These are the words from the introduction to the initiative:

“As for sanctions, they are simple. If the defence has complied with all its responsibilities and is fully ready for trial, but the prosecution has failed to comply with its responsibilities, then normally it would not be in the interest of justice for the Crown to be allowed an adjournment and the prosecution may fail.”

On two separate occasions recently, I have secured acquittals as a consequence of relying upon the Stop Delaying Justice initiative. As a consequence, my two happy clients received no penalty points, fine or costs order against them and instead walked away with Defendants Costs Orders (DCO) in their favour. They should recover the bulk of their costs in having instructed me.