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The Speeding Barrister is here to help with any issues you have regarding a speeding ticket, fine or prosecution. We’re a not speeding solicitors, but speeding barristers and practise based in Birmingham and would like to help your situation.

The police can allegedly detect speeding motorists by various means, from speed cameras (fixed or mobile), laser guns, radar guns, following speed checks (i.e. following you in a car or motorcycle and attempting to measure your speed over a fixed distance), etc., The list seems endless.

Can you believe that there are now the thick end of some 50 variants of speed recording equipment in use on our roads! This is a huge array of sophisticated devices all designed to catch the allegedly speeding motorist. However, this very complexity can work to your advantage as your barrister or solicitor speeding specialist will tell you.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that, because the police have a photograph showing your vehicle speeding at 35 in a 30, that it’s an open and shut case: the prosecuting solicitor must still prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Think about it for a while and ask yourself just how many things are you sure of beyond reasonable doubt? Don’t forget that in the majority of speeding trials the court will consist of 3 magistrates (plus a barrister or solicitor court clerk). Magistrates will take a common sense approach to the speeding case against you. They are not lawyers and must, if not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt, acquit you of the allegation.


Did you know, for instance, that just because a police officer says you were speeding that is not enough to prove guilt: there must be (on most roads) independent confirmation of what the police officer says! This can be by way of a speeding reading from a calibrated speedometer, in a following speed check case, or perhaps by way of a reading from a laser gun. However, this confirmation of the officer view of your speed can be challenged. If you instruct a lawyer then he/she will cross examine the officer on whether or not he followed correct procedures before and at the time the time he allegedly caught you speeding.

As was said by a senior Judge some years ago:

“. . we have not reached the stage when the reading on such a piece of apparatus as this has to be accepted as absolutely accurate and true, no matter what. There are all kinds of things in a case like this which might have gone wrong . . .”

If you are facing the prospect of 3 to 6 penalty points on your licence, for allegedly speeding, together with costs and a fine then you may think it wise to consult a lawyer rather than just rolling over and accepting what the prosecution say. There are all sorts of things which could go wrong with police speeding procedures and, unless you challenge the police case, you will never find out!


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