“I am writing to express my gratitude for the exceptional and professional service. I was utterly convinced that I would lose my licence, given that I already had 10 Penalty points on my licence and had been charged with 2 further offences, one of which was serious enough to result in a disqualification without regard to any previous penalty points.

Your performance in court was exceptional. I have been represented by other barristers in the past [in civil matters], but never one with such skill and legal knowledge as you demonstrated.”

– Roy (Wirral)


The reason Roy was so pleased with the outcome was because I was able to argue that he would have suffered “Exceptional Hardship” if the usual 12 point “Totting” disqualification had been imposed on him. Magistrates’ courts usually consist of justices of the peace (unpaid volunteers), usually three in number. These ordinary people do not leave their common sense at home when they go to court and, if they think it just, then they are not slow to exercise leniency. That fortunately was the case for Roy, the court recognising that a “Totting” disqualification would have been a disaster for him, his family and employees. The crucial thing is that to argue before a court against an immediate “Totting” disqualification requires tact and skill. You may feel that you are happy to deal with this on a D.I.Y basis. I would suggest that, if you recieve a speeding ticket or “Notice of Intended Prosecution”, and your licence is in jeopardy, the you would be wise to seek the expert advice of a motoring lawyer; be he/she a solicitor or barrister.

“The police said I had done 41 mph in a 30 mph zone which wasn’t true. What they hadn’t done was to provide the secondary evidence of my speed and you then were able to get the matter kicked out of court. No points, no fine and I got my costs. Tremendous job and I would recommend you to anybody.”

– Oliver (West Midlands)


I have lost count, over the years that I have worked as a motoring lawyer, of the number of times gaps in the prosecution’s case have led to a not guilty verdict. Many people despair when they are presented with a photograph of their car, apparently caught by a GATSO or Laser device, “breaking the speed limit”. What most fail to do is take steps to obtain and examine the evidence before pleading guilty. The reality is that frequently police/CPS evidence is lacking and, if the driver had only taken the time to consult a motoring lawyer, he or she might have beaten the charge. Oliver knew he was innocent and was prepared to fight. He eventually managed to convince the court of his innocence, keep a clean licence and get his costs back!

“I would like to thank you for attending Barnstaple Magistrates Court for my son. I believe without yourself it would have been extremely difficult to prove him innocent of speeding, traveling at 50 mph in a 30 mph limit, and obstructing the police officer in the execution of his duty.

You were very professional and thorough in court which enabled him to be acquitted on both charges. I am extremely grateful for all your help and advice and would recommend you to anybody who finds themselves in the same situation. Once again a massive big thank you.”

– Kim (Ilfracombe)

“Thank you for your advice and assistance on the due care prosecution I faced. The manner in which you explained the legal position to me and your obvious concern helped me greatly when we came to court. I would highly recommend your advocacy and legal skills to anybody.”

– Ciaran (Shropshire)


Going to court can be a traumatic event for those not familiar with court proceedings. Part of the skill of any trial lawyer is to ensure that the client is as relaxed as possible during the court experience. A client who is relaxed and who has confidence in his or her representative at court is going to give better evidence and stands a better chance of gaining the not guilty verdict he or she deserves!

I thoroughly recommend Julian Harris to anyone who is facing a speeding or road traffic allegation. Julian has a detailed knowledge of the machinations of the prosecution process and law with the ability to weigh up the best option for his clients, with a precise knowledge of what is and is not possible. The quality of his service is exceptional, he is always available; at all hours of the day or night even at the weekend, to discuss issues and potential outcomes.

In court Julian demonstrates exceptional communication capabilities that wholly strengthen the case presented. Julian’s professional and realistic approach coupled with his detailed methodology have ensured that I am still on the road and therefore still in employment and able to live a normal life.

– Jonathan (Malvern)

“It is at this time of the year when I most reflect on the occurrences and events of the past months. One of these being of course our introduction in connection with my speeding offence.
I would like to take this opportunity therefore to thank you most sincerely for all of the help and assistance that you gave me to lessen what might have been a far more serious outcome, which of course would have had a detrimental affect on my lifestyle, both from a business aspect and also on my charity work and personal life.

It is mainly thanks to you that I am “at liberty” to carry on as per normal, particularly at the moment when my “van is a sleigh” and I am delivering all over the country as a would be Santa. I would also like to say that should any of my friends or business colleagues be unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar predicament I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to them.

I now wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.”

– Alex (Leicester)

“I was unfortunate to be stopped by the police for so called drink driving. As I explained when you undertook the case I was suffering from medical complications. You did not know me before our conversation and I had instructed a leading firm of solicitors who deal with professional footballers and celebrities.

I happened to Google drink drive barristers and found your website. I telephoned you and had all the evidence sent to you. You were able to make constructive comments and advise of a flaw in the police procedure.

At no point did you raise my hopes. Your costs were clear and concise and your advice proved to be correct. As you will appreciate I suffered a great deal of anxiety and it was very reassuring to know that you were at the end of a ‘phone even during the evening and at weekends to discuss any points or thoughts that I had. After our initial meeting I felt quietly confident and relaxed and had peace of mind to know that the next time we were in court you would be there to advise and guide me through the nightmare.

When it came to the trial you did not disappoint and, having listened to how you were going to overcome objections and lead the case, I was more than impressed. The incorrect outcome could have been devastating for me on both a business and personal level. I am happy to say that the court found me not guilty.

I feel that your costs were not only very reasonable but your advice was clear. Dealing with an individual gave me complete confidence. I am a firm believer in recognition, therefore please feel free to use this testimonial on your website. Hopefully I shall never need your services again but, should I get into any more scrapes, you are the first person I will call and have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody in the same situation.”

– Paul (Brands Hatch, Kent)


The starting point when defending any drink driving or other motoring offence allegation is to look at the wording of the charge and ask “What do the CPS have to prove?” and “Can they prove their case?” In Pauls’ case there was confusion in the prosecution evidence which I was able to take advantage of during the trial. Where the police and the CPS make mistakes in their evidence and their presentation of the evidence; and where the defendant is clearly telling the truth then an acquittal may follow. If you are facing a drink drive, speeding or other motoring prosecution you would be wise to speak to a motoring offences lawyer before entering any “guilty” or “not guilty” plea. You may think you’re “bang to rights” but you may be wrong. What do you have to lose by speaking to somebody who does this work on a daily basis. DIY is fine but not when your licence or liberty is at stake!

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and professional services, which ultimately allowed me to successfully fight a speeding ticket and potential ban. The detailed knowledge and accuracy of your advice allowed me to make clear, informed decisions as to how I wanted to proceed. Which, when coupled to the diligence you applied in preparing the pre-trial paperwork demonstrated that as a motoring lawyer, you are second to none. Your availability was exceptional, there wasn’t one occasion when I was unable to reach you, in fact you chased me more often than not to ensure that I was kept updated as to the case progress.

With regards to your costs, I must admit it was with trepidation that I first contacted you, as I feared how much a barrister would cost; however, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable amount and there were no hidden costs whatsoever. I am extremely grateful and, rest assured, will recommend you to anyone who should find themselves in the unfortunate position that I was in. Once again, thank you for your time and support.”

– Name withheld

“I used Julian Harris to defend me against a pending speeding conviction I received in January 2012. He was happy to take on my case and over the next few weeks we had several conversations on the way we were to approach the case. I could contact him with any queries even if it was weekend or evening via e-mail or phone. If he was unavailable due to being in court my call was returned when he was free. The case finally came to court at Burnley in September 2012. Julian had done quite a bit of groundwork and had compiled quite a strong defence on my behalf.

He was certainly on the ball when it came to going to court. On the day of the trial Julian came loaded with legal books and various paperwork to defend me. Julian spoke to the prosecutor on my behalf and before I had even been in court I was informed that I was not to be prosecuted due to lack of evidence. As this would have put me onto 9 points you can imagine the relief when I was given the news as I travel a lot of miles every year and need the car for work. The costs were the going rate but well worth it once I was told no charges were being pressed.

I can highly recommend Julian Harris from start to finish for his knowledge, professionalism and the peace of mind that he gave me. “

– Jon (Wigan)


Every acquittal is professionally satisfying for any defence advocate: there it is that’s our job! Here the acquittal was as a direct result of the CPS failing to read (if it was read at all) an important defence letter in which the “issues” in the case were set out. Nowadays we have to warn the Crown about what we consider the “issues” to be. However, even when we do this some time before the hearing I still find that our words are ignored. As Magistrates are loath to grant adjournments, we also now frequently find that the prosecution decides to chuck in the towel even before the case gets before the Justices!

“Hi Julian,
I would like to say how absolutely thrilled I am at the conclusion of my recent court case in my favour and have to say that your service on my behalf was truly outstanding.

As you know, I felt with 100% commitment that the allegation against me simply must have been in error and was totally committed to defending my position.

I have never done anything like this before, and indeed, never been any where near a court, let alone in it, so although determined to defend myself, I found it all quite daunting and I must say in choosing you to represent me in this case was the best thing I could possibly have done.

The promptness and efficiency with which you handled all the pre-trial notices and paperwork was very impressive and indeed your willingness to be available at any time of the day or weekend to help with any query was priceless.

On the day in court I have to confess to being a little nervous but right from the start your explanation of exactly what was happening and the options that you would be exploring in my defence put me at such ease, it was all handled by you with such a high degree of professionalism that I need not have worried at all.

The degree of preparation and the way you handled the proceedings in court was actually a delight to watch…..I went from nervous to quite enjoying it!

Simply put, on every single level your service was outstanding, I am one very happy customer and have to say that the whole package provided by you was well worth every single penny.

I know how unsure a person can feel if they want to defend themselves against this type of allegation and I was in that position, so, if you wish to use me as a reference please feel free to do so, I cannot speak highly enough of the way you handled everything for me and would encourage anyone looking for representation of this nature to hire you without hesitation.

Thanks again”

– Tony


Kind words from my client but this was simply another case in which the Crown was not able to get its act together!

“You defended me at trial at Birmingham Magistrates’ on 16th September 2013, in respect of two allegations; driving without due care and attention and failing to stop after an accident. We previously had a conference in your office.

Julian’s information, guidance, and support was first class. I felt confident and reassured by his knowledge and professionalism in the manner he conducted himself with me. At the trial Julian performed, I feel, with great confidence, skill, politeness and precision in how he cross-examined and presented the case to the District Judge. I felt Julian had a fantastic rapport with all involved, particularly with the District Judge.

I was acquitted of both allegations and given a Defendant’s Costs Order, which means I should get most of my costs back. This was a fantastic result as not only was my integrity upheld but also the costs that have been difficult for me have been ordered to be repaid. This is a huge weight off my shoulders and I thank Julian Harris for all he has done for me.”

– Nathan (Tipton)


It is a sad fact that, for many supposedly minor allegations, it is unlikely you will be granted state funding to clear your name. Thus the hardworking family man or woman who is just managing to keep his/her head above water, may perhaps choose to plead guilty to some “minor” road traffic allegation rather than exhaust savings or borrow to pay for the services of a lawyer specialising in road traffic work. You may agree with me that, if the state chooses to bring a case to court, then it should also fund the legal costs of the defendant who chooses to fight the allegation, no matter how “minor” the allegation might seem. Of course for the career criminal committing serious crime after serious crime, the situation is entirely different; as it is highly likely that he or she will be provided with a solicitor and barrister all paid for by the state i.e. you and I! Nathan’s acquittal was a pleasing one, particularly as the District Judge went out of his way to emphasise that he had absolutely no doubt about his innocence. The Defendant’s Costs Order (or DCO as they are usually known) should ensure that he obtains most if not all of his costs. However, and as I mentioned to him, these DCOs are not as generously paid as they were prior to 1st October 2012.