Failing to Provide Acquittal in Kent!

Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court in Kent was the venue for a particularly pleasing acquittal, when I represented a client accused of failing to provide an evidential breath test specimen at Tonbridge police station. My client was seen driving out of a pub car park by two officers in a passing police vehicle. They did an 180 degree turn, in their Skoda, before shooting after my client with sirens sounding, and blue strobes and lights flashing. (more…)

Police Laser Devices

A significant proportion of speeding tickets are generated by mobile police lasers; the favourite seeming to be the notorious LTI 20-20. You’ll know these devices as they’re normally poking at you from a police van on a dual carriageway; motorway bridge or on the side of the road. The vans are usually easy to spot – if you’re keeping your eye on the road (!) – but sometimes the devices are operated by officers on motorcycles and these can be difficult to spot. (more…)

Fighting a Speeding Ticket!

The whole process of allegedly detecting you speeding and landing you with points and a speeding fine should run like clockwork, as far as the authorities are concerned. It’s all very neat and tidy: a bit of a sausage machine process really! (more…)

Cloned Plates, a Warning!

I recently represented a client facing a speeding allegation; following a referral by a solicitor specialising in speeding work. His car had allegedly been photographed (by a Gatso) speeding in a 30 mph zone. The solicitor said the client denied speeding there on that day or any other day: indeed he’d never been to that part of the country! It followed that the number plate must have been “cloned” by a criminal. (more…)

Acquittal at 120 mph!

I defended a speeding case in Warwickshire. My client who was driving a sports car joined the bottom end of the M6 near Rugby. He was followed by two officers in an unmarked car who alleged that he was speeding and driving well over the ton!

The evidence looked bad for my client who had instructed a solicitor speeding specialist who in turn briefed me. The client flatly denied the allegation. 

As luck would have it one of the officers was a special constable who made his statement a long time after the incident; (more…)

12+ Penalty Points May Not Be Armageddon!

If you’re on 9 penalty points and get another Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post (one bright Saturday morning); then it may not just be your weekend which has just been ruined! If you clock up 12 or more points then the court is obliged to disqualify you for a minimum of 6 months. For many this will mean loss of job, consequent loss of home and all the other disastrous financial and social consequences which flow from the loss of a driving licence. (more…)

Speed and You’re a Criminal – it’s Official!

In 2012 the Government announced plans for an increase in fixed penalty speeding fines, and other motoring fines, which, will increase from £60 to £80 or £100. The purpose of this new “stealth tax” is apparently to fund a gap in funds available for the victims of crime. It seems that proper criminals i.e. those who commit real crimes, will also be expected to pay; though how a criminal “doing time” is going to pay the money demanded remains unclear. What is clear is that, once again, the ordinary motorist is being called on to pick up the tab! (more…)

The Way We Drive Now!

The 2013 survey of 1000 commuters by Alianz Insurance, revealed that many British drivers are are less than cool and collected when facing the stresses of the daily commute. (more…)

Brakes Put on 80 mph Limit!

The financial Times reported on Saturday 16/02/2013, that proposals to increase the motorway speed limit to 80 mph are likely to be parked on the hard shoulder for the foreseeable future.

The proposal was first put forward by the then Transport Secretary, Phillip Hammond, in 2011; as he believed that the change would generate “.. economic benefits of hundreds of millions of pounds.” The next incumbent at the Department, Justine Greening, didn’t interfere with the proposed policy change but the man who has followed her, the new transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, is apparently against the idea:he is amongst friends. (more…)

Seeing the Prosecution Case

When you receive a speeding ticket through the post, telling you that the driver of your car will be prosecuted and – if you don’t fill in the form and tell who the driver was – you will get 6 points; you might think that, before you do anything, you have a right to see the evidence. Well you would be wrong! (more…)