Fighting a Speeding Ticket!

speeding ticket

The whole process of allegedly detecting you speeding and landing you with points and a speeding fine should run like clockwork, as far as the authorities are concerned. It’s all very neat and tidy: a bit of a sausage machine process really! You’re shoved in one end and come out a convicted person the other. Do remember that we are talking about criminal offences, minor though they might be, but still criminal offences. If you agree to go along with the whole process, without even taking the trouble to examine the evidence, then that must be your decision. However, any speeding lawyer specialist might (depending on the circumstances) be failing his or her client if he advised entering a guilty plea without first attempting to obtain the evidence against their client.

Unfortunately, it might not be possible to see all or much of that unless you first entered a not guilty plea: you certainly wouldn’t be allowed to see that material held by the police and CPS which might assist your case or undermine theirs! However, a speeding lawyer specialist, if briefed early, might be able to persuade the police to disclose their case before the matter goes to court.

The whole point about not simply accepting what is alleged against you is because the prosecuting system does not cope easily with those defendants, accused of speeding and other motoring offences, who are not prepared to simply roll over and give in. If a defendant facing a speeding prosecution teams up with a speeding lawyer who will understand the system then every possible legitimate defence can be explored. Many of my clients, who have seen the system in operation, have been staggered by the mistakes which can be made and the opportunities for an acquittal which may result. These mistakes are not because police officers and prosecutors are stupid people but because of the heavy demands placed upon them by dealing with what is considered to be a more serious crime.