Exceptional Hardship - Avoiding the Totting Ban!

If you have 9 penalty points or more and are found guilty of another motoring offence then the matter must be dealt with (including your appearance) in a Magistrates court. This is because further points may lead to what is known as a ‘totting up’ – a totting disqualification for 6 months which can only be applied by a Magistrate in your presence.

Motoring lawyers like Julian Harris can help you at this point by bringing to the Magistrates attention the “exceptional hardship” that such a totting disqualification may bring. For example, to be without your licence for a period of 6 months might have serious ramifications – you may be the sole carer of an elderly or infirm relative, you may be the owner of a company where the loss of your licence would have a detrimental effect on your employees. Magistrates must take situations like these into consideration whenever considering a “totting” disqualification.

As always, our advice is to speak to a specialist motoring lawyer who can advise you on your options.


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