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Drink Driving Charges in London

London is a mega-city notorious for the density of its traffic. It follows that drink driving charges are common: more drivers more offences – it’s that simple! Fact: every year thousands of motorists in London are prosecuted for a drink driving charge. Are you one of them? If you need a drink driving/DUI solicitor in… Read more »

Tower Bridge (SPECS) Acquittal

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As those who use it frequently may know (particularly if they’ve ever been “done”) the speed limit on Tower Bridge is 20 mph and the system the police use to enforce that limit is the apparently foolproof, SPECS speed detection device. This system is, in some ways, just a glorified but far more expensive Gatso device;… Read more »

Reduction of Driving Disqualification on Appeal

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If you have just received a “totting” disqualification, having clocked up 12 or more penalty points, then the last thing you probably want to experience are more court proceedings and more lawyers! However, providing you do it within 21 days, then you have an automatic right of appeal to a Crown Court Judge sitting with two… Read more »

Stop Delaying Justice

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Quite properly the courts have always been keen that speeding ticket and other motoring cases should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Now, however, as a result of an initiative called Stop Delaying Justice, Magistrates’ are becoming increasingly reluctant to grant any form of adjournment. The idea is that cases should be dealt with… Read more »

Prosecution Service Blunders Lead to Acquittals!


“Court case blunders are blamed on Crown Prosecutors” reported The Times recently. The CPS Inspectorate, which spends its time checking the competence of the CPS, found that mistakes were being made in 7% of cases. Of the 900,000 cases taken to the Crown Court every year , 63,000 should never have been brought or were wrongly… Read more »

Failing to Provide Acquittal in Kent!

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Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court in Kent was the venue for a particularly pleasing acquittal, when I represented a client accused of failing to provide an evidential breath test specimen at Tonbridge police station. My client was seen driving out of a pub car park by two officers in a passing police vehicle. They did an 180 degree… Read more »

Cloned Plates, a Warning!

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I recently represented a client facing a speeding allegation; following a referral by a solicitor specialising in speeding work. His car had allegedly been photographed (by a Gatso) speeding in a 30 mph zone. The solicitor said the client denied speeding there on that day or any other day: indeed he’d never been to that… Read more »

12+ Penalty Points May Not Be Armageddon!

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If you’re on 9 penalty points and get another Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post (one bright Saturday morning); then it may not just be your weekend which has just been ruined! If you clock up 12 or more points then the court is obliged to disqualify you for a minimum of 6 months…. Read more »

Seeing the Prosecution Case


When you receive a speeding ticket through the post, telling you that the driver of your car will be prosecuted and – if you don’t fill in the form and tell who the driver was – you will get 6 points; you might think that, before you do anything, you have a right to see… Read more »