Acquittal at 120 mph!

city road night

I defended a speeding case in Warwickshire. My client who was driving a sports car joined the bottom end of the M6 near Rugby. He was followed by two officers in an unmarked car who alleged that he was speeding and driving well over the ton!

The evidence looked bad for my client who had instructed a solicitor speeding specialist who in turn briefed me. The client flatly denied the allegation. 

As luck would have it one of the officers was a special constable who made his statement a long time after the incident; which is not an unusual thing to happen. My solicitor had spotted various discrepancies in the prosecuting solicitor’s case but neither the solicitor nor I could have anticipated what eventually happened. When the officers eventually gave evidence for the prosecuting solicitor you would have thought they were talking about a totally different incident! Though they were both completely honest their recollections were quite different, and all due to the fact that the special constable had written his statement long after the incident.

As a consequence, I was able to persuade the magistrates’ that the evidence was so confusing that the only thing they could be sure of was that both cars were on the M6 at the same time. They agreed and acquitted. Result; one very happy client who kept his licence, his job and got his costs!

The moral of the story really is that you never quite know beforehand what is going to happen in court. The majority of defence solicitors and barristers will have defended “no hope” speeding and other allegations only to find that the prosecuting solicitor’s case falls apart when they put their witnesses in the witness box!